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Body Vignyan is a place where beauty, knowledge & personalized attention combine to create a memorable & rejuvenating experience. Our team commitment entails building enduring & rewarding relationship with our clients by offering exceptional product lines & superior service. Body Vignyan Spa & Salon provides a comforting, yet stimulating atmosphere in which guests are able to truly relax both their body & mind.

The Body Vignyan philosophy maintains that in keeping with the pressures of modern living it is essential to find a way to relieve stress & mental strain, through partaking of wellness therapies & activities. Correspondingly the Body Vignyan Philosophy is about adapting different looks to suit the individual client, in order to accentuate those best features & bring out the clients natural & unique beauty. We strive to provide you excellent customer service as well as full array of superb hair, body, skin & nail services. What makes Body Vignyan different is the extreme attention to details from the moment you arrive. Every day we explore more & more ways to provide you with ultimate experience in beauty & relaxation.

Our Packages

Voucher offer

Women Hair cut starts @ Rs 299/=*

Men Hair Cut starts @Rs 199/-*

Advanced Gold Facial for 5 sitting - 50% Discount (Actual Price Rs 11999/-) - Discount Price Rs 5999/-

On all Individual service above Rs 1000/--- 20% off


Get 30% discount on L' Oreal Smoothening and one L' Oreal Hair Spa free

(Starts from Rs 2000/-)

Happy Feet

Heel Peel will put you back on your feet in just 20 minutes

Heel Peel treatment @ just 899/-

Hair Spa

Book for 5 sitting Hair Spa @ just Rs 4499/-

Laser Reduction Treatment

40% discount on all hair reduction laser treatments with advance laser machine


Book 5 kg weight loss only for Rs 1999/-*-- 15Days validity

Guaranteed weight loss program for belly area - 5 sitting Rs 2499/-*(5cms loss)

Full body inch loss with Ayurvedic udvardhana powder massage

Full Body Massage - Take 15 sitting and reduce 10 cms by paying just Rs 10000/-

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@745/AB 15th Cross Circle 24th Main, Near Nadhini, Jp Nagar 6th Phases, Mcd
+91 8071264857  or   or    (Trouble calling us?)
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